Friday, July 12, 2013

Drugstore Dupe for the Urban Decay Eyeliners!

Dupe Alert! So recently I was at the drugstore perusing around the makeup section, like I always do when I came across the Rimmel Scandeleyes Waterproof Eye Kohls, they looked interesting enough so I picked up two: the black and the brown. Little did I know that these would be a holy grail makeup item...

Why I Love It....

I have actually been looking for a dupe for the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencils for quite some time now, and finally think I have found the closest match.

-These Eyeliners are so extremely creamy and pigmented. The color pay-off is insane and  literally feels so smooth when applied to the upper or lower lash line. They literally "glide on" and you dont have to push hard or pull on you eyelid for it to look amazing.

- These eyeliners are nice to wear on an everyday basis and can be smudged for a smokey look or just applied as a regular eye pencil.

-They are long-lasting and waterproof making it great for the hot summer weather.

-They come in a variety of different colors, that are all beautiful.

-It is fraction of the cost.
Urban Decay: 19 US Dollars
Rimmel: 3.49 US Dollars

- The only downfall is that they need to be sharpened ( like the Urban Decay Ones) , however for the quality of the eye pencil I do not mind.

(1 being the worst 5 being the best)

Packaging: 4
Quality: 5
Quantity: 5


The Best Drugstore Eyeliner Pencils I have ever found!

*Note: The brown one is slightly shimmery however it does not bother me, and looks gorgeous when smudged into the lash line.



  1. ooh, I love a good dupe! These look really good, I must try one.

    Maybe you could check out my blog and we could follow each other?

    Love Grace xx

  2. i'm def trying this one out!
    Urban decay is not in canada so thanks a bunch!!